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In summer of 2013 the lineup that is Vermörd was formed. The newly formed unit was set on playing brutally epic music with dark undertones, which lead to the name “Vermörd”. Coming from the German word “Vermoord”, meaning “Murdered” – the band put their spin on the term by utilizing umlauts to clearly identify their identity and originality amongst the rest.

By 2015, Vermörd had five songs finished with demos in hand. With the music in place, the unit took to the stage in order to get heard by the masses. Vermörd played numerous shows regionally gaining a lot of traction with fans. So much so that they caught the interest of Grimoire Records who offered to take them under their wing and help further push out the bands music. Vermörd released “Dawn of the Black Harvest” soon after through Grimoire Records.

After the release of “Dawn of the Black Harvest”, Vermörd received an abundant amount of positive reviews leaving a substantial impression and foreshadowing a future with quick upward growth. This proved true when the band found them on a slot at The Summer Slaughter tour after winning a Battle of the Bands hosted by Sumerian Records. Vermörd took this opportunity to support bands like Cattle Decapitation, Born of Osiris, The Acacia Strain, Arch Enemy, Obscura and more and left fans in astonishment wanting more. 

The band is currently working on music for their upcoming full-length debut and sourcing more live opportunities to support their craft.

Vermörd is:
Nick Garfield - Vocals
Yianni Papaeracleous - Guitar
Zak Kempler - Drums
Alec Klimm – Bass
Show History
07/08: The Sidebar - Baltimore, MD (w/ Dispellment, Ashes of Mankind)
05/06: BlackThorn 51 - Queens, NY (w/ Morbus 666, Throatt, Belial)
03/24: The Depot - Baltimore, MD (w/ Throatt, Athame)

11/10: The Metro Gallery - Baltimore, MD (w/ Mortuary Drape and more)
10/28: The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD (w/ Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil)
10/17: The Sidebar - Baltimore, MD (w/ Cognitive, Cavern, Gloom and more.
10/04: Cafe 611 - Frederick, MD (w/ Cattle Decapitation, Black Crown Initiate, Dark Sermon)
08/16: SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2015 @ Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD (w/ Arch Enemy, Cattle Decapitation, Born of Osiris, The Acacia Strain and more.)
08/06: The Pinch - Baltimore, MD (w/ Dying Fetus and more)
07/25: The Depot - Baltimore, MD (w/ Hubris, Wolfcloak and more)
05/30: The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD (w/ 1349, Necrpphagia)
01/03: The Ottorbar - Baltimore, MD (w/ In Dying Arms, Artifacts and more)

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